Our Pledge

Our pledge is to provide the very highest quality child care in a stable and caring environment which will allow each child to develop to their full potential. Our staff are caring and dedicated to your child. Coneygarth Farm Day Nursery is committed:

  • to ensuring parents can confidently leave their children in our care knowing they are going to be well looked after. Your child’s well-being, happiness and enjoyment is paramount and is our number one priority. Our philosophy is to CARE.
  • to valuing the learning children gain through play. All our activities are centred on the individual needs and interests of your child to help them gain personal independence and reach their full potential.
  • to an excellent partnership between parents and our qualified and experienced staff who offer continuity of care throughout the Nursery years. Our continuity of care extends beyond the nursery years to those children aged 5 to 11 years who attend our Holiday Club.

At Coneygarth Farm Day Nursery we value the learning children gain through play and the importance of enjoying the many experiences they will seek. We have a structured and stimulating routine throughout the day but also encourage spontaneous activities led by the children. Our planning is a mixture of adult-led activities and planning based child observations so we are meeting the need of the individual.

We are registered and approved by Ofsted and we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We promote healthy eating and our nursery cook prepares wholesome meals. The meat and vegetables are sourced locally and when possible we use our own vegetables grown by the children, We have a café style snack system mid-morning and mid-afternoon where the children help themselves to a variety of fresh fruit, salad, vegetable milk and water. Water is accessible throughout the day.